J. Pongjanta, A. Nualbunruang, S. Groeber
The purpose of this study was to develop pie crust formulas for 'Mahajanaka' mango filling. Five preparation of ripe 'Mahajanaka' mango; fresh slice, square flesh in syrup, slice flesh in syrup, square flesh cooked and slice flesh cooked were investigated. Ratio Profile Test (RPT) was applied to developed pie crust formula. The basic pie crust formula; 49.96% wheat flour, 37.47% shortening, 0.07% salt and 12.49% cold water were mixed and spread in a pie pan. The five mango fillings were put on in the pie crust and baked at 180°C for 30 min. The physiochemical properties and sensory evaluation of 'Mahajanaka' mango pie filling were studied. The results showed that the most suitable processing of Mahajanaka mango as pie filling was slice flesh in syrup (18°Brix). The selected sample obtained the highest score of total acceptance by panelists. The study revealed that the optimum pie crust formula for 'Mahajanaka' mango filling are 66.22% wheat flour, 16.55% shortening, 0.66% salt and 16.55% cold water. The pie crust color, crispiness, thickness, mango quantity, taste, odor and total acceptance score of 'Mahajanaka' mango pie filling was close to the panellist's ideal.
Pongjanta, J., Nualbunruang, A. and Groeber, S. (2008). THE UTILIZATION OF 'MAHAJANAKA' MANGO AS PIE FILLING. Acta Hortic. 787, 373-378
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2008.787.46
pie crust formula, bakery products, Ratio Profile Test, physicochemical properties

Acta Horticulturae