P. Limpisathian, N. Potasin, C. Tinwong
New product development for the king of fruit, durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.) processing research in Thailand is needed to reduce over supply during durian season. This research is the first new product development of durian French fried-type. The objective was to evaluate the characteristics of the durian French fried-type product. The analysis method used to evaluate the optimum maturation of durian; starch and sugar content, frying condition; temperature at 160, 180 and 200°C, moisture loss and oil absorption including sensory analysis. The results showed that the maturation was high in starch content during three days before ripening. The average starch content was 34.9%, but lower than potatoes. The average moisture content was 66% and reducing sugar was less than 1%. The starch content was low at only 20% when the maturation was more than five days before ripening. The study of drying durian at 40°C to reduce the moisture content before freezing reduced oil absorption content. The more the loss in moisture contents; 32.55, 38.93 and 46.14%, the more the increase in oil absorption capacity; 12.29, 14.40 and 24.68%, respectively. The oil absorption decreased with increase in frying temperature. The optimum frying temperature was 160°C and 180°C for the accepted texture and color of the product (P< 0.05). However, the temperature at 180°C was acceptable in both texture and lower oil absorption. In conclusion, the moisture, starch and sugar content varied in the maturation. The maturation of ‘Mon Thong’ durian for processing of durian French fried-type is three days before ripening when the starch content is the highest. The frying temperature affects oil absorption, moisture content and texture of durian French fried-type. The product developed has the potential to be manufactured for export to the Asian market.
Limpisathian, P., Potasin, N. and Tinwong, C. (2008). PROCESSING OF DURIAN FRENCH FRIED-TYPE PRODUCT. Acta Hortic. 787, 391-394
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2008.787.49
optimum maturation, starch and sugar content, oil absorption, sensory analyis

Acta Horticulturae