S. Wannakrairoj
Thailand is one of the leading export countries of tropical floriculture crops. The development of ornamental industry in the country has been initiated by the private sector with little support from the government sector. The cut-flower dendrobium orchid, which has been developed solely from introduced species, is the most commercially important floriculture crop of the country. The country also exports a number of tropical potted and landscape plants; e.g. adenium, cycad, euphorbia and palms. As a home of diverse ornamental plant genera; such as Aglaonema, Curcuma, Dracaena, Homalomena, Impatient, Ixora and many orchid genera, Thai floriculturists pay a great deal of attention to introduce indigenous ornamental plant to the world market. To increase the competitiveness, the business starts to shift from plant sale to intellectual property right licensing. The core competency of the industry is rapid propagation as well as breeding a new cultivar. At the moment, the country is known to be the world center of Aglaonema, Curcuma and tropical orchids breeding.
Wannakrairoj, S. (2008). STATUS OF ORNAMENTAL PLANTS IN THAILAND. Acta Hortic. 788, 29-36
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2008.788.2
floriculture crops, landscape plants, private sector, dendrobium orchid, potted plants, landscape plants

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