K. Thammasiri
Thailand is an important origin of tropical orchids. There are 1,137 species and 177 genera of orchids found in different parts of the country. Many Thai orchid species are in danger of extinction due to various factors. Therefore, the conservation, as well as sustainable use, is urgently needed. Cryopreservation, a high potential for conservation of orchid seeds and protocorms, was studied for some Thai orchid species. Recent methods were used, namely vitrification (dehydration in PVS2 solution, consisted of 30% (w/v) glycerol, 15% (w/v) ethylene glycol and 15% (w/v) dimethyl sulfoxide, prepared in modified Vacin and Went liquid medium), encapsulation-dehydration (encapsulation in calcium alginate beads followed by air-drying in a laminar air-flow cabinet) and encapsulation-vitrification (encapsulation in calcium alginate beads followed by dehydration in PVS2 solution). Application of these methods in seeds was successful in Dendrobium chrysotoxum (99%, vitrification), Dendrobium cruentum (32%, vitrification), Dendrobium draconis (95%, vitrification), Dendrobium hercoglossum (80%, encapsulation-vitrification), Doritis pulcherrima (62%, vitrification), Rhynchostylis coelestis (85%, vitrification), Vanda coerulea (67%, vitrification), as well as in protocorms of Dendrobium cruentum (33%, vitrification; 27%, encapsulation-dehydration) Dendrobium cariniferum (15%, encapsulation-vitrification), Rhynchostylis gigantea (19%, vitrification) and Seidenfadenia mitrata (67%, vitrification). Cryopreserved seeds and protocorms were able to develop into normal seedlings. These methods appear to be promising techniques for cryopreservation of some Thai orchid germplasm.
Thammasiri, K. (2008). CRYOPRESERVATION OF SOME THAI ORCHID SPECIES. Acta Hortic. 788, 53-62
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2008.788.5
protocorms, vitrification, capsulation-dehydration, encapsulation-vitrification

Acta Horticulturae