N. Lamien, P. Lingani-Coulibaly, J. Traore-Gue
The thick porridge of millet, sorghum or maize mixed with sauce containing vegetables and condiments constitutes the staple food in Burkina Faso. Apart from the sauce which can contain various ingredients, starch is the main component of the porridge of said cereals. In such a nutritional habit, what contributes to balancing the diets of the population in this country? The contribution of local fruits (LF) consumed as snack food was assessed. The study consisted of recording the daily consumption of LF as snacks in 270 households from October 2005 to June 2006. The chemical composition of the LF found during the survey was recorded from literature. It was found that Diospyros mespiliformis (1.98±0.04 times week-1), Ziziphus mauritiana (1.92±0.05.08 times week-1) and Balanites aegyptiaca (1.85±0.04 times week-1) were the LF most consumed per person from October to December. From January to March, most consumed fruits were Z. mauritiana (1.65±0.05 times week-1), Gardenia erubescens (1.64±0.05 times week-1), D. mespiliformis (1.59±0.04 times week-1), Detarium microcarpum (1.50±0.02 times week-1). Meanwhile, the most consumed LF between April and June were Lannea microcarpa (2.52±0.05 times week-1), Saba senegalensis (2.37±0.04 times week-1), Ximenia americana (2.12±0.07 times week-1), Vitellaria paradoxa (2.25±0.05 times week-1), and Parkia biglobosa (1.94±0.04 times week-1). Taking into account their nutritional values, our findings show that LFs play a pivotal role in balancing the diets in rural areas. The LFs contribute to satisfying the human body’s need for proteins, lipids, sugars, minerals and mainly vitamins which are generally found in non-cooked foods. It can be concluded that many deficiency diseases in Burkina Faso have been probably avoided through LFs consumption as snack foods.
Lamien, N., Lingani-Coulibaly, P. and Traore-Gue, J. (2009). IMPORTANCE OF LOCAL FRUITS CONSUMPTION IN DIET BALANCE IN BURKINA FASO, WEST AFRICA. Acta Hortic. 806, 203-208
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2009.806.24
deficiency diseases, snacks, Burkina Faso

Acta Horticulturae