L. Huber, P. Michaelis, G. Eisenbeis, A. Forneck
In the context of an interdisciplinary project on grape pests and pathogens antennal sensilla of grape phylloxera have been examined using scanning electron microscopy. Common sensory structures of aphid antennae, like primary and secondary rhinaria, trichoid sensilla, coeloconic sensilla, campaniform sensilla and Johnston’s organ could be identified. Additionally two previously undescribed sensilla at the flagellum of alate D. vitifoliae could be found. Furthermore, two distinct types of coeloconic sensilla of the primary rhinarium could be distinguished. The relevance of antennal sense organs of D. vitifoliae will be presented with regard to ecological aspects. To our knowledge this is the first detailed investigation of the external morphology of the antennae of Phylloxeridae using scanning electron microscopy.
Huber, L., Michaelis, P., Eisenbeis, G. and Forneck, A. (2009). ANTENNAL SENSILLA OF GRAPE PHYLLOXERA (DAKTULOSPHAIRA VITIFOLIAE FITCH). Acta Hortic. 816, 91-96
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2009.816.13
rhinaria, coeloconic sensilla, campaniform sensilla, Johnston¿s organ, scanning electron microscopy, Phylloxeridae, aphid