P. de la Motte
One of the biggest challenges facing “Horticultural Therapy” in Australia is acknowledging its widespread use and the myriad of benefits it provides to a wide range of client groups. In Australia we have a small population spread throughout a very large country. Communication and creating a national identity in a field such as this poses great challenges, but slowly people are beginning to understand the fundamental benefits gardening provides. Coupled with this are current and future climatic pressures impacting on the establishment and maintenance of gardens in a huge variety of climatic zones. Formal and informal education and training as well as establishing networks is the first step in achieving acceptance of horticulture as a mode of treatment or therapy. This presentation looks at the development of horticultural therapy in Australia, the progress so far and plans for the future. It examines the challenges and strategies involved in establishing a National incorporated organization, as well as educational strategies to grow the understanding of the significance plants have to the general health and well being of people in our communities.
de la Motte, P. (2009). PROMOTING HORTICULTURAL THERAPY IN AUSTRALIA. Acta Hortic. 832, 71-76
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2009.832.9
gardening, therapeutic horticulture, horticultural therapy in Australia

Acta Horticulturae