J. Rohloff, A.M. Bones, P. Winge, T.S. Jørstad, J. Kopka, A. Erban, A.M. Bones, T. Sparstad, R.C. Wilson, S.K. Randall, J. Davik, M. Alsheikh
Due to short vegetation periods and harsh climatic conditions in Norway, successful strawberry production and berry yield relies mainly on the plants’ cold acclimation, winter survival and re-growth in spring time. Based on joint research intents and national/ international co-operation, the present study was aimed at investigating the functional short- but also long-term cold response in leaves of Fragaria × ananassa (cvs. ‘Korona’ and ‘Jonsok’) and Norwegian Fragaria vesca clones (Ås, Tingvoll and Alta) upon exposure to 2°C for 0, 3, 24, 72 and 240h. Preliminary results from transcriptional profiling (F. vesca) have shown the up-regulation of proteins related to cryoprotection (dehydrins), membrane and transport function (COR proteins) and metabolism (galactinol synthase) after 24h, and in addition, the induction of distinct secondary metabolites (terpenes) was confirmed by metabolic profiling based on SPME/GC-MS analyses. Furthermore, GC/TOF-MS-based profiling of cold-adapted F. vesca clones and F. × ananassa (cv. ‘Korona’) revealed the up-regulation of carbohydrates (galactinol, glucose and fructose), amino acids (glutamine, glutamic acid, asparagine and aspartic acid), TCA intermediates (malic acid and fumaric acid) but also distinct secondary metabolites and redox functioning (ascorbic acid). Functional studies of Fragaria sp. cold response through transcriptional, proteomics and metabolic approaches are in progress.
Rohloff, J., Bones, A.M., Winge, P., Jørstad, T.S., Kopka, J., Erban, A., Bones, A.M., Sparstad, T., Wilson, R.C., Randall, S.K., Davik, J. and Alsheikh, M. (2009). METABOLIC, TRANSCRIPTIONAL AND PROTEOMIC PROFILING OF COLD RESPONSE IN FRAGARIA VESCA . Acta Hortic. 842, 785-788
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2009.842.172
Fragaria × ananassa Duch., cold acclimation, primary metabolism, secondary metabolism, GC/TOF-MS, microarray, qRT-PCR

Acta Horticulturae