F. Nyujtó
We have been making apricot researches to state the specific influence of the rootstock. On the other part we wanted suitable rootstock for growing. The nurseties in Hungary used zerzeli, previously myrobalane rootstock-seedslings. On the other growing areas (between Danube and Tisza) the valley of Hernád, Vörös-, Besztercei-, Duráncai, Fehér and other plums were used, and around Buda almond was used. At the time of the beginning of the researches start we had very few home and abroad results according to apricot. Kostina, Tunevich, H. Plock, Pasecker, Bernhard and Malik give as information on the behaviour of the rootstocks, but the place of growing, the applied scion cultivars and the rootstock were different. With the rechearches we wanted to clear questions like: rootstocks belonging to other Prunus genus as well as the plum grafted as a stem-making how much can be counted. And it was a very important observation point of view how much the rootstocks influence apoplexy.
Nyujtó, F. (1981). APRICOT ROOTSTOCK RESEARCH IN CEGLED. Acta Hortic. 85, 97-103
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1981.85.32

Acta Horticulturae