S.L. Agulian, M.B. Sanagian, E.S. Morikian, M.A. Avetisian
Apricot growing in Armenia goes back to the ancient times. According to archaeological data, relating to four. thousand years B.C., when there was not a hint of trade relations with the China,the people inhibiting the territory of Armenia, cultivated apricots. The charred stones excavated in Shingavit, near Yerevan (Sardarian, 1967) and in lower layers of the ancient temple of Garni (Arakelian, 1964) testify the fact. Today the apricot is grown in four zones of Soviet Armenia, mainly in Ararat Valley and its foothil zone, Zangezour and Ehegnadzor. It occupies about 9.500 hectares. According to the materials of census of fruit-trees. Armenia is one of the countries where the apricot gives regular yield. During 22 years (1954-1976) only 1954 was the year of bad harvest. According to the materials of the farms of the Ministry of Agriculture during the period of 1954-1975.
Agulian, S.L., Sanagian, M.B., Morikian, E.S. and Avetisian, M.A. (1981). APRICOT SELECTION IN ARMENIA. Acta Hortic. 85, 179-183
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1981.85.40

Acta Horticulturae