G.P. Peng, G.L. Wu, D. Wang, J.B. Tian
The important role of walnut in the economic development of China is introduced in this paper, as well as the effect on the people, economy and forestry of China. The paper provides a comprehensive description of China’s walnut output, cultivars, supply and demand, and existing problems, etc. The paper points out the main problems of walnut production at present, these are: improper orchard establishment, impure varieties and unknown introductions, low production, poor quality low economic profit, extensive management resulting in low individual output, unsuitable site selection, emphasis on planting but neglecting management; market development is imperfect and product marketing channels are not smooth; the storage and processing link is also weak. Focusing on these problems, we put forward advice on developing the Juglans industry of China as follows: improved varieties are the foundation of the walnut industry, regionalization and grafting of improved varieties is the key step, standardization of management, large scale production and industriali¬zation of marketing are other important aspects of the walnut industry. Looking at the status quo and present developmental tendency for Juglans spp. at home and broad, some solutions for the development of a greater national walnut industry are proposed around increasing human talent and knowledge of the production system, improving production techniques and non-polluting production to meet current challenges.
Peng, G.P., Wu, G.L., Wang, D. and Tian, J.B. (2010). MACROSCOPIC STRATEGY FOR THE CHINESE WALNUT INDUSTRY IN THE NEW CENTURY. Acta Hortic. 861, 73-78
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2010.861.8
walnut industry, strategic thoughts, variety, standardization, large scale

Acta Horticulturae