A.P. Maerere, C.L. Rweyemamu, K.P. Sibuga, E.R. Mgembe, E.G. Rwambali, S. Nchimbi-Msolla
This study was conducted to collect information on the agricultural science, technology and innovation (ASTI) system in the banana (Musa spp.) subsector in Tanzania. Major policies were reviewed with respect to their impact on the subsector. Linkages among key actors were identified and analyzed. Surveys were conducted in four agro-ecological zones that are major banana producers. The information was collected using two structured questionnaires: one for farmers and another for organizations. Generally, Tanzania was found to have well established agricultural and science and technology policies. However, implementation was hampered by low investment that did not match with government commitments. Main key actors, identified in the subsector, included smallholder farmers, private enterprises and various organizations that played major roles in creation, diffusion and utilization of knowledge. Research and training were found to be mainly under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives and the Sokoine University of Agriculture. Results indicate that 60% of smallholder banana farmers had received primary education. Land is under family ownership, with an average 1.5 ha of which 25–53% was devoted to banana production. Most banana producers were found to operate on an individual basis, with collaboration mainly amongst themselves rather than with other actors. They lacked specialized training and operated at traditional level with very low use of innovations. It is recommended that all major areas of action require strengthening of existing information diffusion system, incentives for innovations, infrastructure, credit schemes, and recognition of banana as an important food and cash crop.
Maerere, A.P., Rweyemamu, C.L., Sibuga, K.P., Mgembe, E.R., Rwambali, E.G. and Nchimbi-Msolla, S. (2010). ANALYSIS OF THE AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION SYSTEM: BANANA (MUSA SPP.) CASE STUDY IN TANZANIA. Acta Hortic. 879, 851-858
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2010.879.94
agricultural science, ASTI system, banana, innovation systems, Tanzania, technology

Acta Horticulturae