M. Papafotiou, M. Voreakou, N. Rafailidis, S. Katsojianni
The growth of Lantana camara L., Teucrium frutescens L., Limoniastrum monopetalum Boiss., and Sedum rubrotinctum RT Clausen, as affected by the planting distance from the foot of an urban slope was studied. The experimental area was divided in two zones, the upslope and the footslope. Plants of the three species were planted randomly at the upslope and the footslope at the end of June 2003. In October 2003 the plant growth was evaluated, measuring the plant height, number and length of lateral shoots, main and lateral stem thickness, plant diameter and flower number, depending on plant species. In December of the same year the dry weight of the plant foliage was measured. It was found that the planting zone affected plant growth in all species. L. camara plants at the footslope were taller, developed more and longer laterals, thicker stems and more flowering shoots, as well as bigger dry weight, compared to L. camara plants at the upslope. T. frutescens plants at the footslope developed more laterals and had bigger total length of shoots and an indication of bigger dry weight compared to the upslope plants. The growth of L. monopetalum plants did not differ between upslope and footslope during the first three months of culture, but after six months in culture the plants of the footslope had bigger total, leaf and stem dry weight. The growth of S. rubrotinctum was similar in upslope and footslope. The L. camara and T. frutescens plants were left to resprout during the following year and measurements were repeated. During the second year, in both L. camara and T. frutescens all growth parameters measured were higher at the footslope compared to the upslope ones. L. monopetalum and S. rubrotinctum plants were damaged by exceptionally low temperatures that occurred in winter 2004 in the region.
Papafotiou, M., Voreakou, M., Rafailidis, N. and Katsojianni, S. (2010). THE EFFECT OF PLANTING LEVEL AT AN URBAN ROAD SLOPE ON PLANT GROWTH. Acta Hortic. 881, 335-338
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2010.881.47
dry weight, flowering, foliage growth, Lantana camara, Limoniastrum monopetalum, Teucrium frutescens

Acta Horticulturae