Dr.J. van Kampen
First of all I have made one very general conclusion out of the various alternative conclusions and that is simply this: "During our symposium here we have seen many important and interesting things, and with the help of the many participants we have learned both specialized scientific and practical data."

Moreover I would like to state on behalf of the Executive Committee that Dr.Schallinger and all our other Israeli friends have done a wonderful job. Thanks a lot Kurt, on behalf of all of us, and I know that our reports will go all over the world.

We are also most obliged to the Israeli Department of Agriculture and our governmental colleagues for their great assistance and for their willingness to have us here as well as for the general receptions.

Also, we are obliged to the Spanish interpretators since our Spanish speaking colleagues tell me that their work was very well done, and our thanks are also due to the different operators.

On the basis of our most recent experiences I would like to state in general that it may be profitable if this working group could arrange a similar conference once every 4 years. So I really hope, Prof. Hartmann, that you would be so kind as to activate this to the best of your ability.

If I am correctly informed I think that the next symposium of this working group for Water supply and irrigation may be held in the Netherlands, not later than 1982.

As far as the other activities of our ISHS-Section Vegetables are concerned, I can at best ask you to read the Calendar of Events in Chronica Horticulturae.

Thank you everyone, for your interest and for your attendance at this meeting, and finally, on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ISHS, I declare this Symposium officially closed.

Thank you.

van Kampen, Dr.J. (1979). CLOSING ADDRESS. Acta Hortic. 89, 163-164
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1979.89.29

Acta Horticulturae