M.N. Latifah, I. Ab Aziz, O. Zaulia, O. Fauziah, Y. Talib
The effect of an oxygen scavenger on the quality of the fresh-cut ‘Josapine’ pineapple was investigated during storage at 10 and 2°C. Rigid polypropylene containers (10×10 cm) with a clip-on lid over-wrapped with stretch film were used for packing the fresh-cut pineapple. Containers with a sachet of oxygen scavenger (FX- 2 g) inserted were compared with similarly packaged samples without the sachet. Weight loss, flesh firmness, surface colour (lightness and hue value), total soluble solids (TSS), pH, gases in package (O2, CO2 and ethylene), and sensory evaluation were determined every 2 days for 8 days for samples stored at 10°C and weekly for 15 days for samples stored at 2°C. No significant changes in surface colour (b value), flesh firmness, TSS or pH were observed between treated and untreated samples throughout the storage period for samples stored at 10 or at 2°C. Weight loss increased with storage time for both samples, losses were greater for the control than for treated samples, the rate of loss up to the 9th day was the same at both temperatures and losses continued until the experiment was terminated on day 15. The number of colony forming units (cfu) of both control and treated samples increased significantly between day 6 and day 8 for samples stored at 10°C. The number of cfu remained almost constant in samples stored at 2°C throughout the 15-day storage period.
Latifah, M.N., Ab Aziz, I., Zaulia, O., Fauziah, O. and Talib, Y. (2011). EFFECT OF OXYGEN SCAVENGER APPLICATION ON THE QUALITY OF FRESH-CUT PINEAPPLE. Acta Hortic. 902, 459-466
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2011.902.58
fresh-cut, oxygen scavenger, quality, shelf life

Acta Horticulturae