W. Fang, C.C. Chen, Y.I. Lee, M.Y. Chang
A novel system equipped with LED as light source for tissue culture (TC) plantlets production was developed. The system consists of a control system, shelf with multi-layers, and a new type of TC vessels equipped with double lids with LEDs at the inner surface of the outside lid. Twenty types of LED lids were available and by changing the lid, the light quality can be altered. The system has 8 layers and 40 TC vessels per layer, leading to 320 vessels per bench. A mini-version of the system was also developed equipped with 2 layers and 12 containers in each layer. In all systems, day/night light cycle and light quantity (10 levels) can be adjusted. This paper presents fundamental measurements of various types of lids, features of the system and provides examples of how to use these lids to conduct photo-phyto related research.
Fang, W., Chen, C.C., Lee, Y.I. and Chang, M.Y. (2011). DEVELOPMENT OF LED LIDS FOR TISSUE CULTURE LIGHTING. Acta Hortic. 907, 397-402
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2011.907.67
artificial light, light-emitting diode, mass propagation

Acta Horticulturae