C. Zanke, J. Zamecnik, T. Kotlińska, M. Olas, E.R.J. Keller
In April 2007, a European project named EURALLIVEG (EURopean ALLIum germplasm VEGetatively maintained) started under Council Regulation EC 870/2004. Its main task is the development of a European integrated core collection of garlic provided by national programmes of the partners. For its central part, a number of 200 most important accessions will be cryopreserved by three project participants (IPK, CRI and RIVC). The final objective is to establish a Tripartite Cryopreservation Genebank.
The garlic collection at IPK, Germany is the third largest in Europe after the collections of Spain and the Czech Republic according to the number of entries in the European Allium Database.
The source tissue used for garlic cryopreservation depends on the type of the material (bolting or non-bolting garlic). For bolting accessions, bulbils may be used. For non-bolting accessions in vitro cultures need to be established. After different durations of cold preculture (25/-1°C day/night temperatures) explants from in vitro cultures may be cryopreserved using a vitrification method with the PVS3 cryoprotectant solution.
Regeneration of cryopreserved bulbils is sometimes lower than regeneration of cryopreserved, cold precultured in vitro cultures. Therefore, IPK uses in vitro cold preculture not only for non-bolting but also for bolting accessions. This paper reports on the project results so far. At IPK, cultures of 36 accessions were established in vitro and 26 of these are already cryopreserved. The weighted average survival for these cryopreserved accessions was 72% and the regrowth was 50%. Differences in regrowth were not only found between accessions but also within accessions, with the regrowth of different lots ranging between 45 and 83%. The results are discussed in relation to data previously observed in the IPK genebank, and also compared with results for cryopreservation obtained at both CRI and RIVC.
Zanke, C., Zamecnik, J., Kotlińska, T., Olas, M. and Keller, E.R.J. (2011). CRYOPRESERVATION OF GARLIC FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A EUROPEAN CORE COLLECTION. Acta Hortic. 908, 431-438
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2011.908.55
Allium sativum, vitrification, EURALLIVEG, European genetic resources strategy

Acta Horticulturae