M.C. Dussi, G.M. Sepúlveda, J.P. Rosa, F. Elosegui, S. Fantaguzzi, K. Zon, C. Prieto
Research was conducted to control fruit abscission at the time of fruit set in the pear cultivars ‘Abate Fetel’ and ‘Packham’s Triumph’ using aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG). In ‘Abate Fetel’, seven treatments were applied: a single application of AVG at full bloom (FB) using two different rates (150 and 300 mg/L); a single application at the same rate two weeks after full bloom (WAFB), a repeated application of AVG 150 mg/L at FB+2 WAFB, a repeated application of AVG 300 mg/L at FB+2 WAFB and an untreated control. Variables measured were: flower cluster density, cluster number per cm2 branch cross sectional area (BCSA); and number of fruit per cm2 BCSA and per 100 flower clusters (fruit set after “June drop”). At commercial harvest all the fruit were counted and number of harvested fruits per cm2 BCSA; fruit weight, diameter, length, and fruit seed content were determined. ‘Packham’s Triumph’ trees were sprayed with AVG 2 WAFB at two rates; 100 and 200 mg/L, and an unsprayed treatment served as the control. In this cultivar, evaluations were made for total number of harvested fruit per cm2 trunk CSA and fruit weight. In ‘Abate Fetel’, fruit set increased with AVG rate. The higher rate and repeated application resulted in the highest fruit set, and highest number of fruits per cm2 BCSA and per 100 flower clusters. Smaller fruit were found in treated trees and with the higher rates. Applications done 2 WAFB with a rate of 150 mg/L gave the best balance between good fruit set and fruit size. In ‘Packham’s Triumph’ the higher AVG rate resulted in the highest number of harvested fruit per cm2 TCSA and affected fruit size negatively.
Dussi, M.C., Sepúlveda, G.M., Rosa, J.P., Elosegui, F., Fantaguzzi, S., Zon, K. and Prieto, C. (2011). FRUIT SET CONTROL IN PEAR CULTIVARS 'ABATE FETEL' AND 'PACKHAM'S TRIUMPH'. Acta Hortic. 909, 381-385
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2011.909.42
Pyrus communis, aminoethoxyvinylglycine, fruit abscission, fruit size

Acta Horticulturae