Y.B. Kwack, H.L. Kim, H.D. Kim, Y.H. Choi
To encourage release of newly bred kiwifruit varieties in Korea, good large young tree raising technology need. Also it has to be clarified that which rootstock is best for each variety. In this study we have investigated grafting characteristics of some rootstocks, fully grown, for recently bred kiwifruit varieties as scions. In case of ‘Goldrush’ and ‘Halla Gold’, their maternal type were Actinidia chinensis, they have showed vigorous growing of shoot when grafted onto A. chinensis ‘Kuimi’, especially fifty day later after grafting. However in later period of shoot growth, it appears that there was no significant difference among rootstocks tested except a hybrid rootstock (A. deliciosa × A. arguta). And A. chinensis ‘Kuimi’ was best rootstock for ‘Haegeum’ among four rootstocks tested. In ‘Skinny Green’, the maternal type was a hybrid between A. deliciosa and A. arguta, it has showed vigorous growing of shoot in all rootstocks tested.
Kwack, Y.B., Kim, H.L., Kim, H.D. and Choi, Y.H. (2011). GRAFTING CHARACTERISTICS OF KIWIFRUIT CULTIVARS BRED IN KOREA. Acta Hortic. 913, 379-384
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2011.913.50
'Goldrush', 'Haegeum', 'Halla Gold', rootstock, 'Skinny Green'

Acta Horticulturae