S.K. Mitra, D. Majhi, H. Lembisana Devi , P.K. Pathak
Underutilized crops have the potential to provide great social and nutritional benefits to the rural poor as well as the global community at large, and it is increasingly recommended that they are identified, researched and promoted in much the same ways and levels of resourcing as the world’s main staple food plants. Under¬utilized crops are defined as ‘species’ with under-exploited potential for contributing to food security, health (nutritional/medicinal), income generation and environmental services.
South-East Asia and many of the islands throughout the Pacific have tradi-tional tropical and subtropical fruits. These fruits are not extensively cultivated, and consumption and trade are limited. However, many of these are of considerable economic importance in their respective regional markets. Nutritional analysis of the region’s underutilized species is now being seen as an important component of plant genetic resource project. Many of these species are well- used by local communities and their nutritional and medicinal benefits are well known. The diversity of under-utilized tropical and subtropical fruits that exist in this region is highly significant and could equip the communities well with by opening up high value-niche market. This paper provides an overview of underutilized tropical and subtropical fruits of the Asia and Oceania region and their potential in addressing sustainable development and economic growth of the communities of the region.
Mitra, S.K., Majhi, D., Lembisana Devi , H. and Pathak, P.K. (2011). POTENTIAL UNDERUTILIZED TROPICAL AND SUBTROPICAL FRUITS OF ASIA AND OCEANIA . Acta Hortic. 921, 111-115
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2011.921.13
underutilized, food security, biodiversity

Acta Horticulturae