M.F. Grando, L. Augustin, M. Suzin, E.O. Calvete, R.C. Comin, A.R. Costa, B. Morlin, B. Donida
Globe artichoke production in South Brazil is based on the green cultivar ‘Nobre-UPF’, developed for industrial purpose. Micropropagation is an alternative method for obtaining healthy, high quality and uniform clones, important to increase the cultivation area. The contamination problem and the low multiplication rate are limiting factors for micropropagation of this globe artichoke cultivar. This work aimed at (i) testing bactericides to control contaminations, (ii) evaluating the multiplication rate of ‘Nobre-UPF’ Brazilian artichoke cultivar on different culture media, and (iii) evaluating the percentage of plantlets rooted and acclimatized. Isolated apices were cultivated on MS modified medium (Morone Fortunato and Ruta, 2003) supplemented with sodium hypochlorite 1.0 ml/L (NaOCl) or 20 mg/L gentamicin for microorganism control. Healthy propagules were then transferred to five multiplication media reported in literature for artichoke cultivars. After 3 subcultures, propagules were transferred to the rooting medium (Morone Fortunato and Ruta, 2005) and acclimatized in culture chamber at 20°C. Sodium hypochlorite and the antibiotic gentamicin were equally efficient in the bacterial infection control (8.4% contamination), compared with control (53%). At subcultivation 1 and 2, the highest multiplication rates (approximately 4:1) were observed in the medium M2 (MS+0.4 mg/L BAP+0.1 mg/L NAA and M4 (2 mg/L BAP+0.1 mg/L NAA+ 0.05 mg/L GA3). The percentage of rooted plantlets was 62%. After 30 and 60 days of acclimatization, the survival percentages were 44,83 and 37,93%, respectively. These results show the viability of commercial utilization of micropropagation for this Brazilian Artichoke cultivar.
Grando, M.F., Augustin, L., Suzin, M., Calvete, E.O., Comin, R.C., Costa, A.R., Morlin, B. and Donida , B. (2011). MICROPROPAGATION OF GLOBE ARTICHOKE 'NOBRE-UPF', A BRAZILIAN CULTIVAR USED FOR INDUSTRIAL PURPOSE. Acta Hortic. 923, 147-154
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2011.923.21
plant tissue culture, plant propagation, biotechnology, multiplication rate

Acta Horticulturae