A. Awal, N. Nor Fazilah, M.P. Azvin, M. Najwa , A. Shamsiah, J.S. Norrizah
In vitro regeneration of Ananas comosus L. Merr. ‘Josapine’ (pineapple) in tissue culture system was carried out using crown tip meristem. In vitro regeneration was done by manipulation of plant growth regulators including 6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) and combinations of BAP and naphthalene acetic acids (NAA) through organogenesis. The plant growth regulators were applied in MS medium supplemented with 8.0 g/L agar and 30 g/L sucrose. The crown tip meristem was used as explants and the optimum sterilization protocol was established in this study. The explant was maintained in 16 hours light 8 hours dark, at room temperature 25±2°C. The result shows that the crown tip managed to induce shoots in different concentrations of BAP and also combinations of BAP and NAA. Optimum regeneration was obtained onto MS medium supplemented with 3.0 mg/L BAP and MS medium containing 1.0 mg/L BAP/0.5 mg/L NAA. The shoots derived from crown tip meristem were being optimized onto MS liquid medium treated with optimum plant growth regulators. The in vitro plantlet of ‘Josapine’ pineapple was successfully acclimatized into the soil.
Awal, A., Nor Fazilah, N., Azvin, M.P., Najwa , M., Shamsiah, A. and Norrizah, J.S. (2011). MICROPROPAGATION OF PINEAPPLE (ANANAS COMOSUS L. MERR. 'JOSAPINE'). Acta Hortic. 923, 163-168
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2011.923.23
Ananas comosus, in vitro regeneration, plant tissue culture, acclimatization

Acta Horticulturae