K. Kampuss, S. Strautina, S. Kampuse, I. Krasnova
Since 1998, more than 70 genotypes of gooseberry (Ribes grossularia L.), originated in Latvia, have been collected and described at the Latvia Institute of Fruit Growing. It included local cultivars (‘Koknese’, ‘Kursu Dzintars’ and ‘Anna Viksne’) and breeding clones of the Latvian breeders. The genotypes were evaluated in the years from 1999 to 2009 for morphological traits, yield components, fruit quality, disease resistance, winter hardiness of plants and tolerance of flowers and buds to spring frost. Genotypes potentially useful for both commercial growing and breeding were recognized and described, as well as characterized by their spinelessness, winter hardiness, spring frost tolerance, resistance to pest and disease and high berry quality. Differences between ripening times of early-ripening accessions (5-14, 6-4) and the late-ripening ones (‘Koknese 55’, 448-10, 536-9, 433-3, 323, 250-F2-60) were up to a month, depending on season. Accessions with erect plant habit (e.g., 5-2) and no spines (250-F2-60, 250-F2-71, and 448-10) were found. However, very few genotypes had a fruit weight over 4 g (e.g., 484-18, 39). The most productive were the accessions 4-14, 3-10, 410-15, 435-1, 5-2, ‘Anna Viksne’, ‘Koknese 55’. The highest soluble solid contents (16.1 and 15.8°Brix) were found in the breeding clones 424 and 323-1, respectively. In total, there were no significant differences among accessions in the plant susceptibility to pathogens causing fungal diseases (powdery mildew and leaf spot), winter and spring frost damages, though there were noticeable differences among accessions in some years. Accessions with uniform fruit ripening time (e.g., ‘Kursu Dzintars’, N-17-15) and fruit size (e.g., 410-15, 433-26, 6-4, ‘Citronu’) were found.
Kampuss, K., Strautina, S., Kampuse, S. and Krasnova, I. (2012). GOOSEBERRY (RIBES GROSSULARIA L.) GENETIC RESOURCES IN LATVIA. Acta Hortic. 926, 39-45
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.926.3
phenology, quality, composition, resistance

Acta Horticulturae