J.J. Medina-Mínguez, J.M. López-Aranda, L. Miranda, P. Domínguez , C. Soria
The activities of IFAPA include technology transfer processes. The Andalusian Network of Agrarian Experiments (RAEA) is one of the main instruments for these processes. The RAEA network is a good example of “on farm research” and it is well known by most of the agrarian leading sectors in Andalusia. The field trials are carried out on private and public farms every year under the same protocol. RAEA-Strawberry has been working on new well-adapted cultivars to the coastal area of Huelva. Under a single common material and methods 70 cultivars have been tested in RAEA-Strawberry from 1997 to 2010, belonging to 15 different breeding programs. The number of trial locations was increased from two (1997) to six (2009). Since 2010, RAEA-Strawberry activities have been introduced into a new IFAPA technology transfer tool: TRANSFORMA projects. These new instruments integrate field experi¬ment and training actions in various crops with common affinities (i.e., horticultural crops under plastic cover). The RAEA-Strawberry programme (1997/2010) can be divided into three periods: 1997/2001 and 2002/2006, with annual field trials with new well adapted cultivars to the area of Huelva, and 2007/2010 with annual field trials with planting dates and new cultivars from breeding programs carried out for mild climatic conditions. RAEA-Strawberry results are available on the IFAPA web page. A basic set of characters (fruit quality, postharvest quality and plant yield) are recorded in each field trial.
Medina-Mínguez, J.J., López-Aranda, J.M., Miranda, L., Domínguez , P. and Soria, C. (2012). THE ANDALUSIAN NETWORK OF AGRARIAN EXPERIMENTS (RAEA) - THE CASE OF STRAWBERRY: AN OVERVIEW. Acta Hortic. 926, 423-430
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.926.59
cultivars, cultivation systems, planting dates

Acta Horticulturae