V.N. Fassinou Hotegni, W.J.M. Lommen, J.G.A.J. van der Vorst, E.K. Agbossou, P.C. Struik
In Benin, pineapple is an important fruit crop, mainly grown in the Atlantic department. The overall quality of the two cultivars grown, ‘Sugarloaf’ and ‘Smooth Cayenne’, does not meet the requirements for some outlets and the heterogeneity in fruit quality within and between lots is high. This paper (1) describes and analyses the pineapple production systems of ‘Sugarloaf’ and ‘Smooth Cayenne’ and (2) identifies the main constraints reducing the quality of pineapple produced. First, semi-structured interviews were carried out with key informants including producers’ organisations, input supplier and extension agents. Next, an in-depth questionnaire was carried out with 100 producers in the Atlantic department. Additionally, pedological and meteorological information was collected. Results indicated that pedo-climatic conditions in the Atlantic department were favourable for pineapple cultivation. The production practices were very diverse for both cultivars, especially regarding planting material used (slips, hapas and suckers), planting density, flowering induction time, and fertiliser application. The production systems of the two cultivars differed in type of planting material used, planting density, use of K2SO4, number of fertiliser applications and ethephon application. In ‘Smooth Cayenne’ cultivation, only hapas and suckers were used, planting density was lower, the number of fertiliser applications was higher, K2SO4 was generally used and maturity was more often synchronised than in ‘Sugarloaf’ cultivation. The main constraints were availability of appropriate planting material, heterogeneity in weight, age and leaf number of planting material, and availability and high costs of fertilisers. Tackling all these constraints would help producers improve the quality of produced pineapple in Benin.
Fassinou Hotegni, V.N., Lommen, W.J.M., van der Vorst, J.G.A.J., Agbossou, E.K. and Struik, P.C. (2012). ANALYSIS OF PINEAPPLE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS IN BENIN . Acta Hortic. 928, 47-58
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.928.4
Ananas comosus, cultural practices, fertiliser, heterogeneity, fruit quality, planting material

Acta Horticulturae