A.P.S. Ferreira, D.R. Carvalho, A.M. Mapeli, F.L. Finger
This study evaluated the influence of temperature and polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) wrapping tray containing sachets of ethylene absorber, KMnO4 or oxygen absorber, O-Buster (OxyfreeTM 504) on the shelf life of Solanum gilo Raddi (jiló) fruits stored at 5°C. This fruit has a short postharvest shelf life due to fast yellowing, and resultant loss of commercial value. Mature green fruits were harvested and placed in polystyrene trays and wrapped with PVC film, comprising the following treatments: control tray wrapped only with PVC film; 1.0 g KMnO4 sachet; 2.0 g KMnO4 sachet; 3.0 g KMnO4 sachet; 4.0 g KMnO4 sachet and tray containing O-Buster sachet model FT-30. Accumulated weight loss reached an average of 7.3% after 14 days of storage. In all treatments, there was an increase of total soluble sugar content with a reciprocal decrease in starch content during the storage period of 14 days. Fruits from the control treatment had sharper decrease on total chlorophyll content through the storage period. Fruits wrapped with O-Buster absorber kept the fruit surface greener for longer period of time, followed closely by the trays with a 4.0 g KMnO4 sachet. Chilling injury started to develop after three days at 5°C, expect for the tray containing 4.0 g KMnO4 or O-Buster sachets. Chilling symptoms included surface pitting, skin discoloration and browning. Fruits wrapped with PVC containing the O-Buster sachet maintained green color and had fewer chilling symptoms during 14 days.
Ferreira, A.P.S., Carvalho, D.R., Mapeli, A.M. and Finger, F.L. (2012). SHELF LIFE OF SOLANUM GILO FRUITS AFFECTED BY ETHYLENE AND O2 ABSORBERS. Acta Hortic. 934, 689-693
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.934.89
jiló, total soluble sugars, starch, chlorophyll

Acta Horticulturae