J.R. Motos, R.S. Días, J.M. Mirás Avalos, E. Vidal Vázquez
In the production of ornamental plants in pots, certain parameters such as the technological level of the producer, the facilities, the capacity of maintaining adequate climatic conditions, the health of plant material and the development of its roots and, especially, the use of an adequate substrate for each species, with the right nutritional supply and good physico-chemical characteristics, allow to obtain the yields and profitability required by producers and the quality and presentation required by customers. The main objective of this work was to present and analyse the feasibility of a methodology that aims to link plant morphological parameters with the resulting quality of Viola × wittrockiana (Gams.). The study was carried out on commercial stands of the producers of the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, which includes the regions of Galicia, Castilla and León and North of Portugal. Harvest of ornamental plants was performed from January to May 2009. A total of 480 plants, from 13 growers, were analyzed. A survey using a wide questionnaire allowed to determine the technological level of the nurseries (production infrastructure, irrigation systems, climatic control, technical capacity of workers and substrates). Descriptive and morphological analyses were carried out: general observations, diameter of flowers and plants, quality level and root formation. Regarding plants, most of the producers were ranked in the highest quality level, namely the A level, but two of the producers obtained values of 50% in the intermediate B quality level. Regarding roots, only one producer surpassed 50% in the best quality mark. In general, production facilities possessed a similar technological level, while irrigation systems (localized and sprinkling) varied from one farm to another. A high variability in professional capacity of the workers was observed.
Motos, J.R., Días, R.S., Mirás Avalos, J.M. and Vidal Vázquez, E. (2012). METHODOLOGY FOR ASSESSING THE QUALITY STANDARD OF VIOLA × WITTROCKIANA. Acta Hortic. 937, 987-992
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.937.122
ornamental plants, quality and grading requirements, morphological analysis, root characteristics

Acta Horticulturae