C. Cervelli, E. Farina, C. Dalla Guda, A. Giovannini, A. Liotta, T. Paterniani, G. Burchi, S. Cacini, M. Antonetti, G. Zizzo, S. Aprile
In the frame of two Italian national research projects regarding the develop-ment of new ornamental crops from native Mediterranean flora, some genera and species were evaluated for pot plant, cut flower or cut foliage production. Five genera showed interesting results in terms of new germplasm availability (species or genotypes), propagation performances, cultivation requirements, final product morphology. Some clones of Myrtus communis were selected for pot plant or cut foliage production, with different fruit colours, plant compactness and leaf morphology. In genus Arbutus, one hybrid species (A. × andrachnoides) was selected for cut foliage production, one variety (A. unedo ‘Compacta’) for pot plant production with flowers and fruits. Five species of Helichrysum (H. stoechas, H. hyblaeum, H. scandens, H. italicum subsp. microphyllum, H. errerae – the last three endemic of Sicily) were considered suitable for pot plant production with flowers; three of them have a uniform grey foliage. One clone of Smilax aspera with variegated foliage was selected for production of pot plants with fruits. One species of Limonium (L. serotinum) showed interesting characteristics for cut flower production. Morphological descriptions, final product characteristics, propagation methods and cultivation protocols were established for all the plant material considered. These species are suitable for production in open air in the Mediterranean climate with low energy inputs.
Cervelli, C., Farina, E., Dalla Guda, C., Giovannini, A., Liotta, A., Paterniani, T., Burchi, G., Cacini, S., Antonetti, M., Zizzo, G. and Aprile, S. (2012). DEVELOPMENT OF NEW ORNAMENTAL PLANTS AND GERMPLASM SELECTION IN MEDITERRANEAN NATIVE SPECIES. Acta Hortic. 937, 45-50
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.937.3
pot plants, cut foliage, cut flowers, ornamental fruits, flowering, garden

Acta Horticulturae