S. Pérennec, J.M. Collet
In Brittany, several pests can install on artichoke crop with different frequencies and harmfulness. The artichoke green aphid (Capitophorus horni) is observed every year, either on offshoots or on older plants (two years or more), sometimes in very important numbers, which can weaken the plants. The broad bean black aphid (Aphis fabae) is also seen every year in colonies, which can make problems for the sales because they develop preferably on the buds.
Owlet moths, and mainly Autographa gamma, feed on young leaves, but also buds when they are very young; this leads to perforations and deformations, especially on the cultivar Violet de Provence. Other Lepidoptera cause more occasional damages, often limited to the leaves.
Less frequent or less harmful pests are safflower fly, leaf miner fly, plant bugs like Lygus sp., or leafhoppers of Eupteryx genus. It’s necessary to notice also damages linked to slugs, snails, birds (scratches on buds) and voles (on stumps).
Pérennec, S. and Collet, J.M. (2012). ARTICHOKE'S PESTS IN BRITTANY. Acta Hortic. 942, 229-232
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.942.31
caterpillar, Cynara, Breton, frequency

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