S. Lombardo, G. Pandino, G. Mauromicale, R. Carle, M. Knödler, A. Schieber
Recent bio-molecular studies suggest that Sicily (South Italy) may be regarded as one of the areas of globe artichoke domestication. For decades, in this region artichoke cultivation was mainly based on ‘Violetto di Sicilia’ and, secondly, on ‘Spinoso di Palermo’, both characterized by peculiar sensory features. At present, ‘Violetto di Sicilia’ cultivation is decreasing in Sicily because of a more widespread use of ‘Violetto di Provenza’, a French variety well adapted to Sicily and with similar biological characteristics. Thus, the aim of this investigation was to provide information about the nutritional value of these varieties, in order to preserve autochthonous varieties from genetic erosion. In particular, the present study deals with the characterization of phenolic compounds and minerals in the different inflorescence parts (i.e., bracts, receptacle and floral stem) of ‘Violetto di Sicilia’ in comparison with those of ‘Violetto di Provenza’. Our results suggest the possibility to promote ‘Violetto di Sicilia’ as a fresh product characterized by properties beneficial to human health. In fact, it appeared to be a better source of phenolic compounds, mainly mono- and di-caffeoylquinic acids, as well as apigenin derivatives, compared to ‘Violetto di Provenza’. The total polyphenols content of the edible fraction (receptacle) of ‘Violetto di Sicilia’ was 3-fold higher compared to ‘Violetto di Provenza’. Moreover, the high total caffeoylquinic acids contents of ‘Violetto di Sicilia’ floral stem and bracts (16282 and 14313 mg.kg-1 DM) suggest the possible exploitation of these waste fractions for extraction of natural antioxidants on an industrial scale. Additionally, mineral composition contributed to a comprehensive chemical characterization of the two varieties under study.
Lombardo, S., Pandino, G., Mauromicale, G., Carle, R., Knödler, M. and Schieber, A. (2012). POLYPHENOL AND MINERAL PROFILE OF 'VIOLETTO DI SICILIA', A TYPICAL ITALIAN VARIETAL GLOBE ARTICHOKE . Acta Hortic. 942, 445-450
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.942.66
variety, caffeoylquinic acids, flavonoids, calcium, copper, manganese, zinc

Acta Horticulturae