T. Sangudom, T. Wasusri, C. Wongs-Aree , V. Srilaong , S. Kanlayanarat
Golden banana, locally known as Kluai Khai, is produced in Chantaburi province, a major growing area east of Thailand, for export mainly to China. Production and postharvest management practices in supply chain were investigated from October 2009-May 2010 through structured interview of farmers and collectors in five districts of the province; Makham, Pong-Nam-Ron, Tha-Mai, Khao-Kitchagut and Klung. It was found that Kluai Khai was grown as intercrop in fruit orchards. Plant density was approximately 937-1,562 plants per hectare, depending on the spacing of the main fruit crop. Average yield was 1 ton per rai (1 rai=0.16 ha). Two to three suckers were usually allowed to grow per mother plant. Fruit bunches were not treated with chemical before bagging, and were harvested when fruit angularity was 3/4 light full. Harvested fruit bunches were sold to the collectors. The produce were sorted into two grades, standard grade and under-standard grade or off-grade. About 60-70% of the total production met the standard grade while the rest were off-grade due to insect pest and disease damage and/or undersized fruits. Fruits that met the standard were subjected to postharvest operations conducted by the collectors. Fruit hands were graded into three sizes; AAA, AA and A, before packing into cardboard boxes. The boxes were then loaded onto a refrigerated truck with temperature of 13-14oC. These operations usually took 8-12 hours. For off-grade fruits, they were sold locally and to wholesale markets in Bangkok and other provinces. Price of off-grade fruits was 8-10 times lower than that of standard grade fruits.
Sangudom, T., Wasusri, T., Wongs-Aree , C., Srilaong , V. and Kanlayanarat , S. (2012). SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT OF GOLDEN BANANA (KLUAI KHAI) FOR EXPORT AT CHANTABURI PROVINCE, THAILAND . Acta Hortic. 943, 249-254
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.943.33
banana, Kluai Khai, good agriculture practice, supply chain management (SCM), postharvest handling, quality

Acta Horticulturae