S. Milijašević-Marčić , E. Rekanović, V. Gavrilović
A recent trend in expanding raspberry production in Serbia has led to extensive planting of new raspberry fields, especially during the past decade. However, introduction and spread of numerous raspberry pathogens resulted in reduced yield and quality of fresh fruit intended mostly for export. In Serbia, only two bacterial diseases had been previously reported on raspberry and these are reviewed in this paper. Symptoms of Pseudomonas blight, expressed as collapse of floricane laterals, followed by wilting and dieback of entire floricanes were recorded on raspberry plants (‘Willamette’) in western Serbia in 2002-2004. Isolated bacterial strains were identified as P. syringae. Moreover, in spring 2003, gall symptoms on the roots and crown of young raspberry plants (‘Wilamette’) were observed in western Serbia and were identified as tumorigenic Agrobacterium radiobacter (biovar 1 Agrobacterium). In addition to identification using differential biochemical and physiological characteristics, the identity of strains was also confirmed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using primers complementary to tms2 gene located on Ti plasmid and the strains were classified to biovar 1 on the basis of multiplex PCR with primers complementary to chromosomal gene coding for 23S rRNA. Both of the pathogens recorded in Serbia are polyphagous plant pathogenic bacteria with a broad host range. In addition, their inoculum is widely distributed in the environment close to potential hosts. Tumorigenic Agrobacterium species, both crown and cane gall inducers, seriously threaten raspberry production in all major production areas of this crop. Moreover, prohibition of commercialization of plants with tumors increases economic losses from tumorigenic agrobacteria. The economic impact of P. Syringae in Serbian raspberry fields, is yet to be determined.
Milijašević-Marčić , S., Rekanović, E. and Gavrilović , V. (2012). BACTERIAL DISEASES OF RASPBERRY IN SERBIA. Acta Hortic. 946, 267-270
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.946.43
raspberry, Pseudomonas blight, crown gall, Agrobacterium

Acta Horticulturae