L. Fornes, N. Leiva, Z. Lescano , A. Trápani
Cedrela includes fine timber species appreciated in the world market. However, natural reserves are rapidly decreasing in Argentina. The INTA carried out a domestication project in order to promote the culture and conservation of Cedrela spp. Thus, this study looks for developing a protocol to produce seedlings using agricultural waste from local industries, avoiding the use of methyl bromide, topsoil and non-recycleable plastics. The trial began in spring 2008 and involved seed-bulk of Cedrela balansae, C. fissilis and C. lilloi. The experimental design consisted in a factorial arrangement, with 4 replications (trays with 25 seedlings each). The treatments were 2 propagation techniques, 5 substrates and 2 fertilization types (soluble solids 15-5-35 and “La Molina” nutritive solution). The variables “plant height” (3 times), “base diameter” (BD) and “survival of seedlings” were evaluated. The ANOVA and Duncan tests (alpha=0.05) results showed that the semi-hydroponics system was the best propagation technique, in comparison with the floating trays. The plant containers consist of supported trays with 100 cm3 alveolus of capacity each. Pine-bark substrate and “La Molina” formulation turned out the best combination for all species, reaching an average height of 26 cm and 5.4 mm of BD. The treatments were the following: long bagasse-50%/cachaza 50% (18.8 cm and 4.3 mm); bagasse-75%/cachaza-25% (14.6 cm and 3.7 mm); long (1-3.35 mm) fiber bagasse (10.31 cm and 2.8 mm) and finally short (<1 mm) fiber bagasse (9.5 cm and 2.7 mm), with highly significant differences. The trial average survival was 70%, however the survival in pine-bark was just 55.5% due to the high competition among plants into the tray. In conclusion, Cedrela seedlings reached the nursery cycle in 3 months with pine-bark and “La Molina” formulation. However, it is also important to review the alveolus volume in order to improve the survival.
Fornes, L., Leiva, N., Lescano , Z. and Trápani, A. (2012). CLEAN PRODUCTION OF CEDRELA SPP. SEEDLINGS IN HYDROPONICS NURSERY. Acta Hortic. 947, 205-211
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.947.25
Cedrela seedlings, semi-hydroponics system, substrates and fertilization types

Acta Horticulturae