M.J. Juárez, J. Sahagún , M.T.B. Colinas-León, G.A. Baca, L.A. Aceves, J.L. Tirado , P. Sánchez-García
In order to determine the effect of different concentrations of the universal Steiner nutrient solution on the Asiatic hybrid Lilium ‘Brunel’ grown in hydroponics under greenhouse a 3×3×3 factorial experiment was carried out. The studied factors were 1) (-30, -50, -70 kPa); 2) N-NH4+ relationship (0, 12.5 and 25% of the total of cation concentration), and 3) H2PO4- anions (80, 120 and 160% with respect to the concentration of this ion in the Steiner solution. The solution was provided daily with a pH ranging between 5.0-5.5. The culture substrate was a local volcanic tuff known as “tezontle”, whose particle diameter ranged from 1 to 7 mm. Micronutrient analyses to determine Mn, B, Zn, Cu, and Fe were carried out in stem, leaf, and flower. Analyses of variance and mean comparisons (Scheffe) were performed (P≤0.05). It was observed that the selection of levels was appropriate, since the mean level of each factor produced the largest values of B in leaf and Fe in leaf. In addition, with the level combination -70 kPa, 120% H2PO4-, and 0% N-NH4+ the largest concentrations of Mn, Fe, and B in flower, leaf or stem were found. It was also found that the concentration of H2PO4- was negatively related with the concentration of Mn in flower, and/or Fe in stem. Finally, the nutrient solution with the mean level of the three studied factors produced the largest concentration of Mn in the flower of Asiatic hybrid Lilium ‘Brunel’.
Juárez, M.J., Sahagún , J., Colinas-León, M.T.B., Baca, G.A., Aceves, L.A., Tirado , J.L. and Sánchez-García, P. (2012). EFFECT OF MODIFIED STEINER NUTRIENT SOLUTION ON MICRONUTRIENT IN ASIATIC HYBRID LILIUM 'BRUNEL'. Acta Hortic. 947, 237-243
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.947.29
hydroponics, cations, anions, soilless culture

Acta Horticulturae