L.C. Borges-Gómez, C.V. Chale, G.D. Canul, S.J. Tun, O.V. Reyes, S.E. Ruiz, G.M. Urrestarazu
The genus Capsicum comprises 25 species. ‘Habanero’ pepper (Capsicum chinense Jacq.) is one of the five species from this genus that was domesticated and is currently cultivated in tropical areas. The production of ‘Habanero’ pepper in Yucatán is carried out in 420 ha, where 20 to 100% losses in fruit yield has been observed due to viral diseases. To date there is not enough information on the effects of mineral nutrition on growth and development of Begomovirus-infected plants. This study was carried out to evaluate four nutrient solutions on the phenological growth of Begomovirus-inoculated and non-inoculated plants using a mixture (1:1) of tezontle+pearlite as substrate. The nutrient solutions were (me/L) S1: 12 NO3-, 1.5 H2PO4-, 6 K+, 6 Ca2+, 2.25 SO42- and 2.25 Mg2+; S2 and S3 were 25 and 50% of S1 nutrient concentration, respectively, and S4: 2 NO3-, 0.4 H2PO4-, 0.2 K+, 5 Ca2+, 0.62 SO42- and 2.6 Mg2+. To evaluate the effects of these treatments, phenological development of plants was recorded weekly. Begomovirus-inoculated plants grew differently than non-inoculated plants. Plant height and stem diameter were lower in Begomovirus-inoculated plants at the beginning of the evaluations, but in the last evaluations no significant differences on these variables were observed. The number of leaves per plant as well as fruit weight were lower on Begomovirus-inoculated plants. A rapid development on Begomovirus-inoculated plants was observed when a higher content of minerals in the nutrient solution was used. The use of low mineral content nutrient solutions affected the Begomovirus-inoculated plants and non-inoculated plants. Mineral nutrition had a positive effect on the tolerance to Begomovirus, as the plant growth and development was enhanced by nutrient solution in Begomovirus-inoculated ‘Habanero’ pepper plants.
Borges-Gómez, L.C., Chale, C.V., Canul, G.D., Tun, S.J., Reyes, O.V., Ruiz, S.E. and Urrestarazu , G.M. (2012). INFLUENCE OF MINERAL NUTRITION ON THE TOLERANCE TO BEGOMOVIRUS ON 'HABANERO' PEPPERS PLANTS (CAPSICUM CHINENSE JACQ.). Acta Hortic. 947, 329-335
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.947.42
phenological growth, development, tolerance

Acta Horticulturae