R. Tunalioglu, Y.G. Ozdogan
Turkey is the fourth olive and sixth olive oil producer in the World after Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Syria. Because of Turkey’s climatic and geographic characteristics, olive and its products play an important role in the economy of Turkey. To be a raw material source for different sectors is the most important aspect of olive fruit since it is not consumed directly, it is processed for oil and table olive. Almost 75% of olive fruit is processed for oil and the remaining goes to table in Turkey like in the world. Today olive oil is the only vegetable oil that is produced via natural methods just physically. Olive oil is a product which is concerning both of agricultural and industrial sectors for the marketing. Although a slow development in technical infrastructure of olive oil production and industry previously, Turkey in the last decade has made many efforts for its development. This study is aimed to examining how olive oil domestic and foreign marketing, chain production, quality and food safety management systems affects olive marketing in Turkey.
Tunalioglu, R. and Ozdogan, Y.G. (2012). NEW APPROACHES AND CHANGES IN OLIVE OIL MARKETING IN TURKEY. Acta Hortic. 949, 579-585
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.949.85
olive oil, marketing, chain, quality, Turkey

Acta Horticulturae