A.M. Castagnino, P. Sastre Vázquez, P. Urricariet, M. Copello, J. Azpelicueta, M.B. Rosini, A. Falavigna
Market globalization and present competitiveness degree of productions with high added value as asparagus require product standardization, the availability of high productivity hybrids with quality according to consumers’ demands and the extension of the offer calendar trying to anticipate the positioning of the product in the market with respect to field productions. The use of semi-forced protections such as cold greenhouses is a valuable alternative for the production of green asparagus first fruits; however, it is necessary to determine the adaptation of the hybrids in the market. In order to study the behaviour of eight asparagus hybrids for the production of first fruits, a trial was carried out (15/11/2006), in a semicircular greenhouse using masculine Italian hybrids I) ‘Italo’, II) ‘Zeno’, III) ‘Eros’, IV) ‘Ercole’, V) ‘H668’, VI) ‘Marte’, VII) ‘Giove’ and as control (T) ‘UC157’ (American); with 100-day seedlings at 0.30×1 m. A multivaried model was run. Net weight ha-1 (PBTH) and net of 1ª/ha and 2ª/ha (PNTH1ª and PNTH2ª); number of turions (NT) and turion average weight (PPT) were the variables considered. For PBTH, PN1ª and NT, significant differences were detected among hybrids. In PBT (kg ha-1), T was greater (8375(c)), followed by II) 6862; VII) 6147; I) 5760 and III) 5836(bc); V) 4510(b); IV) 3917(ab) and VI) 1522(a). In PN1o, the tendency was similar: T: 3401,7(c); VII) 2080.5(b); III) 2000.7; I) 1900; II) 1683.3(ab); V) 1455.8; IV) 1402(b) and finally VI) 226.7(a). The PNTH for both qualities followed a similar pattern. Concerning PPT (g t-1), most of the Italian hybrids surpassed T: 11, VII) 17, II) 15; IV) 14 and I) 14 g turion-1 respectively. Although the differences found in PBTH show a better general adaptation of T, analyzing PNTH, PPT and the lower discard of some Italian hybrids, it can be said that the use of ‘Giove’, ‘Italo’ and ‘Eros’ is promising.
Castagnino, A.M., Sastre Vázquez, P., Urricariet, P., Copello, M., Azpelicueta, J., Rosini, M.B. and Falavigna, A. (2012). FIRST FRUIT PRODUCTION OF HYBRID ASPARAGUS IN ARGENTINA. Acta Hortic. 950, 153-164
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.950.16
Keywords: Asparagus officinalis, production, quality, turions, seedlings, greenhouse
Palabras clave: Asparagus officinalis, producción, calidad, turiones, plántulas, invernadero

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