Sin-Ae Park, Ki-Cheol Son , Weon-Keun Cho
Horticultural therapy (HT) in Korea has seen rapid growth over the past 15 years. The Korean HT and Well-Being Association has been playing a crucial role in developing Korean HT. There are four levels of HT certification including Advanced HT, HT Level 1, HT Level 2, and Horticultural Well-being provided by the Korean HT and Well-Being Association. At present, the number of qualified horticultural therapists stands at approximately 2,000 and HT is offered at about 1,700 facilities such as social welfare organizations, job rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, public health centers, schools, etc. for various people. The practice of HT includes four phases: diagnosis and preparation, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Currently, endeavors are underway to obtain state certifications for HT certifications and to ensure medical insurance coverage.
Sin-Ae Park, , Ki-Cheol Son , and Weon-Keun Cho, (2012). PRACTICE OF HORTICULTURAL THERAPY IN SOUTH KOREA. Acta Hortic. 954, 179-185
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.954.24
Korean Horticultural Therapy and Well-Being Association, horticultural therapy certification, human issues in horticulture, people-plant interaction, socio horticulture

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