J. Kromdijk, S. Driever , F. Buwalda , J. Bij de Vaate , J. Zwinkels
A crop growth model for sweet pepper was applied to simulate quantity and timing of fruit set and harvest. Climate input for the model was organised by means of online data platforms, linking directly to climate computer sensors. This information was processed and made available as model-input automatically via an ftp-server. Additionally, regular registration of fruit set and harvest was routinely performed on a weekly basis at the companies and entered manually into online data platforms. The processed model-input for registration was made available via the same ftp-connection. The model was complemented with a user interface, allowing instant simulation of simple climate scenarios. This provided the grower with information on the consequences of changes in greenhouse climate for fruit set and harvest. Initially, model results were solely supplied through a partnership with a cultivation advisory firm, acquainting the grower with the possibilities of the model-application. Later in the project, experienced growers used the application locally, allowing them to use the tool more frequently as support in their decision making.
Kromdijk, J., Driever , S., Buwalda , F., Bij de Vaate , J. and Zwinkels, J. (2012). MODEL-BASED DECISION SUPPORT FOR PROTECTED CULTIVATION OF SWEET PEPPER. Acta Hortic. 957, 247-252
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.957.28
crop growth model, interactive simulation, user interface, Capsicum annuum, bell pepper

Acta Horticulturae