W. Basak, J. Maszkiewicz
A disease presumably of virus origin was found in gooseberry cv. Lady Delamare. The virus induced symptoms of mosaic in that cultivar and also in other cultivars of gooseberry and currants. The virus was transmitted from the original source to gooseberry cv. White Smith and Resistenta, black currant cv. Black Smith, Ojebyn and Roodknop, Ribes divaricatum, R. nigrum europaeum, R. tenue and R. triste. The virus was latent in red currants cvs Large Red Dutch and Jonkheer van Tets. Host range and symptomatology suggests that gooseberry mosaic differs from other diseases of Ribes.
Basak, W. and Maszkiewicz, J. (1980). GOOSEBERRY MOSAIC. Acta Hortic. 95, 49-52
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1980.95.5