M.E. Ionică, V. Nour, I. Trandafir
Although men have known of atmospheric electricity and have speculated on its biological effects for hundreds of years, only recently have scientific technique and theory advanced to the point where one can perform really meaningful experiments. The study of air ions, positively and negatively and the use of negative air ionizing apparatus for human, animals and plants has increased recently. Research conducted so far have shown a definite action of ionized air on the intracellular synthesis process and also shows that when used with an excess air of negative ions, it produces an increase in oxygen consumption. By analogy, it was assumed that positive ions increase energy reserves in cells, leading to increased cell functions (living organisms). Since after horticultural products harvest, metabolism continues for a certain period of time, the research conducted and presented in this paper have highlighted the influence of ionized air on metabolism, namely the shelf life of these products. Two plum varieties were studied and they have been subjected to fresh storage under the influence of the ionized air. To highlight the effects of the ions on the plums metabolism, there was used as an air flow both positive and negative ionized, the length of the treatment was approximately 30 min., by using a ions generator having as design value the electrical field “corona”, which produces an average amount of ions around 1000000/cm3. The results were studied comparatively with a witness, respectively with unionized samples stored in the same conditions. The influence of the plums exposure at the ionized oxygen action on their physical and chemical properties was studied during the storage under refrigeration. The plums treated with negative air ions presented an increase of the storage length with two weeks comparatively with the witness and the positive air ions reduced the storage length, due to the enhancement of the ripeness processes.
Ionică, M.E., Nour, V. and Trandafir, I. (2012). THE INFLUENCE OF AERO-IONIZED STREAM ON THE STORAGE CAPACITY OF PLUMS. Acta Hortic. 968, 205-210
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.968.29
negative and positive air ions, European plums, preservation, shelf life

Acta Horticulturae