E. Kaufmane, I. Gravite, V. Trajkovski
A study was done at Latvia State Institute of Fruit-Growing evaluating domestic plum (Prunus domestica) hybrids with the aim to select promising variety candidates for growing in Latvia. In 2002-2009 period research was performed in Latvia, including collection, processing and analyzing of data about hybrid productivity, fruit quality, vegetative parameters, resistance to harmful organisms, as well as pollination trials with more widely grown cultivars. As a result four hybrids were selected from the breeding material and in 2010 handed in for cultivar registration in Latvia. Hybrid LV 50401 (named ‘Ance’) is early ripening, with oval, medium size, yellow fruits, freestone. In ripens 1 month before the cultivar ‘Victoria’. The tree has a spreading, vigorous crown. Hybrid LV51010 (‘Adele’) is medium ripening, with oval, large, yellow fruits, freestone. Ripens 1 week before ‘Victoria’. Fruits keep well in cool storage. The tree forms a rather large crown. Hybrid LV51001 (‘Lotte’) is medium ripening, with oval, large, dark blue fruits, yellow flesh, freestone. The flavour is very sweet. Ripens 1 week before ‘Victoria’. The tree has low, spreading crown. It is partially self-fertile. Hybrid LV50816 (‘Sonora’) is medium-late ripening, with oblong-oval, large, purple fruits, freestone. Ripens 1 week later than the cultivar ‘Victoria’. The tree forms a spreading, slightly drooping crown. Self-fertile. To obtain more exact data about their winter-hardiness and adaptability to different growing conditions, all the new cultivars at present are tested at seven farms in different regions of Latvia, as well as at the Swedish Pomological Science Center.
Kaufmane, E., Gravite, I. and Trajkovski, V. (2012). RESULTS OF LATVIAN PLUM BREEDING PROGRAMME. Acta Hortic. 968, 55-60
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2012.968.6
plum, Prunus domestica, breeding, cultivars

Acta Horticulturae