A. Andrini, E. Budiyati
Grapes have a high economic value which is proven by the many grapes imported into Indonesia in recent years. Grape production in Indonesia cannot currently compete with imported grapes. ICSFRI has 42 accessions of grapes among which there are five promising cultivars: ‘Bs 29’, ‘Bs 39’, ‘Bs 61’, ‘Bs 80’ and ‘Bs 83’. Observations of fruit characteristics were carried out in KP Banjarsari, Probolinggo in 2005-2007 based on the Descriptor for Grapevine by IPGRI. Fruit chemical analysis, such as sugar concentration, total acid content, juiciness and Vitamin C concentration was carried out in the Post-Harvest Laboratory of Brawijaya University. The results demonstrated that these five cultivars selected as having promise had superior characteristics. In summary, ‘Bs 29’ has attractive yellow fruit skin and good flavor, ‘Bs 39’ has a dense bunch, good flavor and is suitable for juicing, ‘Bs 61’ has a long berry and an interesting berry shape, ‘Bs 80’ has a high sugar acid ratio and firm flesh, and ‘Bs 83’ has a large bunch size and a sweet, fresh taste.
Andrini, A. and Budiyati, E. (2013). PROMISING CULTIVARS OF INDONESIAN GRAPES. Acta Hortic. 975, 31-35
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.975.1
'Bs 29', 'Bs 39', 'Bs 61', 'Bs 80', 'Bs 83', fruit quality

Acta Horticulturae