C. Martasari, D. Agisimanto, Karsinah, Reflinur
Tangerine (Citrus nobilis var. siam Hort.) is the main cultivated cultivar in citrus production centers in Indonesia. Cultivars have different names according to the areas of origin, but they are similar morphologically. The objective was to characterize 20 cultivars of Indonesian tangerine from 9 provinces using morph¬ological and ISSR markers. Characterization was based on the IPGRI descriptor list for leaf, stem, flower and fruit morphology and results showed differences in shapes, colors and rind thickness, and taste of ripe fruit. Differences of fruit characters of Indonesian tangerine cultivars were mainly caused by climate and local environmental effects. ISSR-PCR of DNA from these same cultivars, using eight primers, produced a total of 287 bands of which 253 bands (88.15%) were poly-morphic. The dendrogram showed that the 20 cultivars fell into four groups (A to D) with about 0.65-0.91 genetic similarity (GS). Group A consisted of 9 cultivars (‘Lumajang’, ‘Banjar 2’, ‘Candi’, ‘Tulungagung’, ‘Mamuju’, ‘Tapin’ and ‘Ponorogo’) with GS=0.75. The morphological characteristics of these cultivars were: green fruit color, thin rind, spheroid shape and sweet-acid taste. The B group has five cultivars (‘Batola’, ‘Tlekung’, ‘Pontianak 2’, ‘Bangkinang’ and ‘Madu’) with a GS of 0.76 and has similar morphological characteristics, such as: obloid shape fruit, thick rind, yellow with green rind and sweet taste. The C group comprised only one cultivar, ‘Banyuwangi’, with GS of 0.70 and morphological characteristics of: spheroid moderately thick rind, green to yellow fruit color and sweet-acid in taste. The last group D had five cultivars (‘Jember’, ‘Kintamani’, ‘Pati’, ‘Jambi’, ‘Banjar 2’) with GS of 0.77. This group had: obloid fruit shape, thin rind, green to yellow rind color and sweet-acid taste. This study demonstrated evidence that the ISSR procedure is an informative and suitable approach to examine molecular polymorphism and phylogenic relationships in Indonesian tangerine cultivars.
Martasari, C., Agisimanto, D., Karsinah, and Reflinur, (2013). CHARACTERIZATION OF INDONESIAN TANGERINE CULTIVAR BY MORPHOLOGICAL AND ISSR MARKERS. Acta Hortic. 975, 103-110
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.975.10
citrus, Citrus nobilis var. siam Lour., genetic characterization, morphological characterization

Acta Horticulturae