Kataoka, S. Fukuda, N. Kozai, K. Beppu, Y. Yonemoto
Several conditions of seed germination in pitaya (Hylocereus undatus) were determined. Seeds were collected from the fruit sampled every 5 days after pollination (DAP) and sown on a water-moistened paper towel in a petri dish at 25C with 16 h lighting. At 15 DAP, a small number of seeds germinated but stopped growth immediately. At 20 DAP, the percentage of germination increased above 80%, and a rapid germination was observed after 25 DAP. Seed germination occurred at high rate at temperatures between 20 to 35C, but it was markedly delayed at 15°C and the final percentage was only 40%. The seeds did not require lighting to germinate. Addition of juice from mature fruit to the medium suppressed seed germination and normal elongation of the root. Supplementation with glucose also suppressed germination which was completely inhibited above 0.3 M. The germinability of seeds was retained for 12 months at 4C in dry conditions, but it decreased markedly when seeds were stored at 20C.
Kataoka, , Fukuda, S., Kozai, N., Beppu, K. and Yonemoto, Y. (2013). CONDITIONS FOR SEED GERMINATION IN PITAYA. Acta Hortic. 975, 281-285
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.975.32
dragon fruit, Hylocereusundatus, pitaya, seed, germination

Acta Horticulturae