E. Żurawicz, M. Lewandowski, K.P. Rutkowski, K. Pruski
Resistance to apple scab is one of the most important objectives of the apple breeding program that has been conducted for many years at the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture (currently the Research Institute of Horticulture), Skierniewice, Poland. As a result, three apple genotypes resistant to apple scab have been released: ‘Gold Milenium’, ‘Free Redstar’ and ‘Melfree’. The first cultivar is a late summer ripening genotype, whereas two others are autumn cultivars. Their productivity was recorded in 2004-2009 from the cultivar trial located in the Pomological Orchard in Skierniewice (central Poland). Scab-resistant cultivars, ‘Retina’ (mid-early) and ‘Florina’ (late) were used as controls. All cultivars were grown on four rootstocks: M.9, M.26, P14 and P60; trees were trained as spindle trees. Pest control was applied as recommended for commercial apple orchards in Poland, fungicides against apple scab were not applied. During the five seasons of investigation in the field, the cultivars showed no symptoms of apple scab or powdery mildew. Regardless of the rootstocks used, the highest yield was produced by ‘Gold Milenium’ followed by ‘Melfree’, and the lowest yield was obtained from ‘Retina’ and ‘Free Redstar’. The genotypes also differed in fruit size. Irrespective of the rootstocks ‘Florina’ produced the smallest fruits and ‘Melfree’ and ‘Gold Milenium’ the largest, both grown on M.9 followed by ‘Retina’ and ‘Free Redstar’. In general, all cultivars grown on P60 produced smaller fruits than on other rootstocks used in the experiment. Collective results indicate a high overall value for ‘Gold Milenium’. Its fruits are large and oblong, the skin ground color is green-yellow with some pink blush and internal fruit quality is good including a high amount of soluble solids (Brix).
Żurawicz, E., Lewandowski, M., Rutkowski, K.P. and Pruski, K. (2013). PRODUCTIVITY OF SELECTED POLISH SCAB RESISTANT APPLE CULTIVARS GROWN ON DIFFERENT ROOTSTOCKS. Acta Hortic. 976, 141-146
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.976.17
Malus × domestica, cultivars, breeding, fruit quality

Acta Horticulturae