T.M. Olango, B. Stadlmayr, U.R. Charrondiere
There is a growing trend of promoting locally grown foods and food biodiversity for their potential nutrition and health benefits, which so far received little attention. Nutrient composition data are important for promotion and selection of crops; however, these data are scattered and less accessible, especially for underutilised crop species. As a contribution to close the international data gap on nutrient composition of underutilised root and tuber crops (URTC), compositional diversity was investigated through a comprehensive literature review of URTC which are either cultivated or gathered from the wild. Data from over 80 articles, reports and theses were analysed and compiled in a standardised manner using the FAO/INFOODS Compilation Tool. Nutritional, anti-nutritional and bioactive compositions of 49 underutilised URTC from 23 botanical families were considered. Most data were found on proximates and minerals, in many cases at cultivar level (2-55 cultivars per species), fewer on vitamins and other components. In general, the variability in nutrient composition was found to be higher among species than within species, followed by environmental and then by processing influences. Contributions and significances of food composition data on underutilised crops such as root and tuber crops for nutrition, health and food security at national and international level was discussed.

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Olango, T.M., Stadlmayr, B. and Charrondiere, U.R. (2013). DIVERSITY IN NUTRIENT COMPOSITION OF UNDERUTILISED ROOT AND TUBER CROPS. Acta Hortic. 979, 147-155
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.979.13
food biodiversity, neglected and underutilised species

Acta Horticulturae