V. Bozhkova, A. Zhivondov, S. Milusheva
The breeding programme of the Fruit-Growing Institute in Bulgaria for the improvement of plum cultivars started in 1987. The main objectives of this program were the development of new plum cultivars resistant or tolerant to Plum pox virus (PPV), with good sensory characteristics and economic indicators. First F1 hybrid population was obtained mainly by open pollination of the parental cultivars ‘Stanley’, ‘Pacific’, ‘President’, ‘Green gage’ and ‘Scoldush’ belonging to the species Prunus domestica L., but controlled crosses were also carried out. After two vegetative cycles, 37 elites were selected among 3,850 hybrid plants on the basis of their good results demonstrated under high pressure of natural PPV infection and they were propagated on ‘Zhalta dzhanka’ (myrobalan) rootstock. A minimum of 10 trees from each elite were planted in the plantation. Their phenological (flowering and ripening time) and pomological characteristics (fruit and stone weight, fruit skin and flesh colour), productiveness, susceptibility to drought and to Plum pox virus, were evaluated. Elite 5-77 is of perspective and 13 other are partially of perspective and they need further studies with the aim of using them as donors of concrete character¬istics at next stages of the plum breeding programme. Three of the elites have been registered as new plum cultivars: ‘Plovdivska renkloda’ (Е 6-5), ‘Sineva’ (Е 6-51) and ‘Ulpiya’ (Е 5-174).
Bozhkova, V., Zhivondov, A. and Milusheva, S. (2013). BREEDING EVALUATION OF PLUM ELITES. Acta Hortic. 981, 73-77
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.981.6
plum elites, blooming, harvesting, fruits, PPV and drought resistance

Acta Horticulturae