P. Seemann, T. Gutiérrez, R. Kramm, G. Awad, R. Oyanedel
Azara lanceolata Hook.f., Buddleja globosa Hope, Desfontainia spinosa R. et Pav. and Mitraria coccinea Cav. are woody species which grow naturally in central and southern Chile. All the species listed have a great ornamental potential and are grown to some extent in Chile and in some European countries as garden plants. Cutting propagation was carried out in spring or early fall in a peat:sand (1:1) substrate and under intermittent mist. Depending on the species different IBA concentrations (0-5000 ppm) were used. Under the given growth conditions, most of the species responded well to IBA treatments. Azara rooted up to 90%, with up to 25 roots/cutting; Buddleja rooted 65 to 72% with up to 8 roots/cutting and Desfontainia rooted 84% and more than 20 roots/cutting were formed. Mitraria cuttings did not require IBA treatments, but increased root number were obtained with a treatment of 500 ppm IBA.
Seemann, P., Gutiérrez, T., Kramm, R., Awad, G. and Oyanedel, R. (2013). VEGETATIVE PROPAGATION OF SELECTED CHILEAN WOODY ORNAMENTAL SPECIES. Acta Hortic. 990, 437-442
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.990.56
Azara lanceolata, Buddleja globosa, Desfontainia spinosa, Mitraria coccinea, rooting of cuttings, auxin effects

Acta Horticulturae