C. Akem, G. MacManus, D. Lakhesar, P. Boccalatte, K. Stockdale
The shelf-life of mangoes is limited by two main postharvest diseases when not consistently managed. These are anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) and stem end rots (Neofusicoccum parvum). The management of these diseases has often relied mainly on the use of fungicide applications either as field spray treatments and/ or postharvest dips. Current postharvest dips are under continuous threats because of health concerns and the maximum residue levels allowed on treated fruit continuous to be reviewed and re-assessed. Research needs to keep up with the rate at which changes are occurring following some of these reviews. The recent withdrawal of carbendazin (Spinflo), as a postharvest dip being used to manage stem end rots necessitated the urgent search for a replacement fungicide to manage this disease. A study was therefore undertaken to compare the efficacy of current and potential products that could be used to fill the gap. The following products were evaluated: Carbendazin (Spinflo), Prochloraz (Sportak), Thiobendazole (TBZ) and Fludioxonil (Scholar). These products were tested both under ambient temperatures and as hot dips to identify one that was most effective. Scholar® as a hot dip was the most effective product among the ones compared. It effectively controlled both anthracnose and stem end rots at highly significant levels when compared to the untreated control and even Spinflo which is being replaced. As a cold dip, it had some limited effect on anthracnose but had virtually no effect on stem end rots. Based on its performance in these experiments, the product has been recommended for rates and residue studies so that it can be registered as a hot dip for use in controlling postharvest diseases of mangoes.
Akem, C., MacManus, G., Lakhesar, D., Boccalatte, P. and Stockdale, K. (2013). COMPARISON OF FUNGICIDE DIPS EFFICACIES FOR THE CONTROL OF MANGO POSTHARVEST DISEASES. Acta Hortic. 992, 385-392
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.992.49
anthracnose, disease control, fungicide dips, mangoes, postharvest diseases, stem end rots, Scholar®

Acta Horticulturae